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@Home Grand Haven Habitat for Humanity Build Day!

AgentImage | June 9, 2017

Our first annual At Home Realty​ Grand Haven Habitat for Humanity Build Day was a success! Dedicated to bringing our employees together and reminding us of how important volunteering is to our core values: We live here, we work here, we serve here, our agents & staff showed up ready to serve!

Motivated by our fearless leader constantly pushing us to do better, more than 30 @Homers from our Grand Haven office teamed up with our local Habitat for Humanity​ to help give a family a safe place to call home.

The build was also an unexpected opportunity to learn more about each other. Like…most of us didn’t know that agent, Jeff Grysen and CEO, Terri Redder make a great (and very focused!) landscape team…and that while Ken Vis is really good at hanging towel racks (they’re like…perfectly straight), wife Gina Kelly-Vis​ is the perfect size to paint overhead kitchen cabinet walls – she didn’t even have to duck! 😂

A huge thanks to to the empowerment of Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity & @HomeRealty as well as our amazing sponsors; Laurie Cordes, Kate Lachmann, Marlo Morgan & Holly Brinks from Lake Michigan Credit Union and Curtis Chambers & Joann Pugh from MMS, Member Mortgage Services; who fed, hydrated & cheered us on!