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AgentImage | October 5, 2016

We’re continuously looking to improve @Home, and this means that having a great environment makes us more efficient. Here @Home, we think that team building is essential to help us serve our agents & clients better.

That’s why, a few weeks ago our staff spent the day at an incredible ropes course. Maneuvering through the ropes high above the treeline was an awesome team building activity because of the combination of well-devised strategies, trust among pairs and effective teamwork.

To win a soccer game, for example, the goalie and the position players all have to excel in their roles. Goalies are not expected to be good forwards, but they certainly appreciate and encourage goal scoring. Our staff is no different. We recognize and appreciate the value of each department’s individual goals, but also welcome the chance to come together to focus on a common team goal. The stronger we are internally only allows us to be stronger for our agents, clients and the communities we serve.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work together, accomplish challenging goals as a team and…of course, have a little fun 😉